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Exotic Locale

What makes something exotic? Is it distance? Is it the unfamiliar? I was pondering this while obsessively staring at sitemeter statistics. For some odd reason people from all over the world visit this humble site. Not many people...but a widespread group.
When someone from Bangalore, Sao Paulo, or Aberystwyth show up I get excited. But why? I've never been to St. Augustine, Florida but you guys just don't thrill me like the others (my apologizes). Heck, I don't even hook you up with a link.
At least the Welsh fixation is understandable. Welsh is the coolest language that utilizes the same letters as English. Check this out. Brilliant! My theory is that early immigrants to North America took so many vowels overseas (Ye Olde Shoppe) that Wales had a shortage and had to make do with long strings of consonants.

Anyway...I should find some fresh links so you feel well served. Let's see.

A reminder: BOASAS is consistently funny. Shame on you for not visiting it weekly.
A deal: For those of you with a PSP and a puzzle fixation, Ultimate Block Party is a great game, and it's cheap.
A wealth of information: Learn all about gold farming in this article. Because you care.
A parting thought: Tom Robbins once postulated that humans were invented by water as a means of travel. Talk amongst yourselves.


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