Coming to terms with being human.


Happy Decemberween!

I'm off to Illinois for a week. I feel obligated to give everyone of you a great holiday present. So here it is. William Shatner caroling. Well, ok, he isn't caroling but he is bringing us all good tidings and cheer. Give it a listen, it beats every other time he's attempted a tune.



The original text based Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game is online here. I remember being absolutely annoyed by it as a child. I hadn't read the book, had been give zero direction as to how to approach the game, and had yet to begin popping pills. But now it's nostalgic. Ah, the lies of memory. Someday I will laugh about the New Kids on the Block.


Brian Dewan is the New Black

Oh my gosh and golly! You must see this. Brian Dewan is a musical genius on Manhattan public access television. He plays old political songs on the accordion and a zither. Thank you Daily Gusto for exposing me to the goodness that is Dewan! I beg all of you to go listen. You will thank me.