Coming to terms with being human.


Television on the Brain

A paralyzed man recently received a mindreading chip that translates his thoughts into action. Since this man is an American, he chooses to use the powers of technology to control his television, not his legs or wheelchair or something useful. OK, he probably didn't get the option to use his legs, but I am sure the researchers could have picked something other than a TV to tune the chip too. Heck, there are all those stories of monkeys moving cursors with their mind, at least the Internet gives useful information and not just reruns of SG-1.

In other complaints, the Pope will be dead soon. I can only hope this isn't a Vatican plot to sap the fun out of April Fool's Day by making it a dead Pope holy day. Let's all pray that the Pope makes it till tomorrow. Actually, it might be nice if he actually dies tomorrow. Then April 2nd could become a Pope remembrance day, with fasting and what not. April 1st would be the day before a holiday, and we all know what Catholics do with days like that. Mardi Gras anyone?