Coming to terms with being human.



Three months ago I slipped into a coma. I had been sitting at home, working on a short story about a jar of Crisco and a nun, when my wife saw my head just drop towards the table. Fifteen minutes later I was in an E.R. Good response time ambulance guys! My neurologist (never thought I’d have a neurologist) believes that I had a rare reaction while coming off of my anxiety meds, something about my neurotransmitters getting all wacky.

So I woke up two weeks ago. It was around two in the morning. I was confused in a dark room. There were tubes coming out of my arms...and other places. It was disturbing, to say the least. On a positive note, I nearly obtained my goal weight of 170 pounds just by laying in a bed.

Ok, this didn’t happen. It’s just that my usual absences from blogging include the standard apology, a promise to be better, etc… So this time it’s a poorly written short story.

Hello again.