Coming to terms with being human.


Intelligence, Violence and Elephants

RogueJeff alerted me to a compelling NYT article about elephants. It is a fascinating account of violent attacks, extreme intelligence and the possible effects of human encroachment on the planet.


Boredom, Alcohol and Blogs

It's been months since my last post and I'm a little tipsy... so you know what that means. A POST! This evening I'm thinking about the various feedback systems that I've come to enjoy. For instance, Netflix. I have two friends on Netflix, actually a friend and a friend of my wife. I have the option of browsing their movie selections and seeing how they've rated them and, of course, I rate my own films. Now, I am aware that a good 10 percent of my picks are lost on both of them. I have a taste for blue comedy that doesn't translate well to most sensibilities. The difficultly is, I now have a need to have my picks shared and appreciated. Because of feedback systems I expect and demand that someone positively acknowledges my enjoyment of Jesus is Magic. It seems that I am one of the masses that desires to be on a reality television show. Not that blogging doesn't make that obvious. Anyway, there's a post. It isn't eloquent, but it exists. As the Irish say, if you only post when you're drunk, may you drink often.