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Tonguing van Gogh

The brain is an amazing chunk of meat. Not only does it get us through our day, but it can do parlor tricks. Case in point, the seeing tongue.
Yes, scientists have developed a way to train your tongue to see. More specifically, they have created a device that stimulates the tongue in a manner that the brain can interpret as sight. How cool is that?!
Think of the implications of this sort of research. The benefits for the sight impaired are obvious, but what about people in general? Data from a video camera can be constructed as visual perception through the tongue. Why put the camera in front of a person's face? Hook my tongue to live CNN video feed.
If sight can be rewired, what about other senses? Can we stimulate every sense through the tongue?
Anyway, I'm going to go stick my tongue in an XBox and play some Halo.


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