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Wells Fargo has entered the world of MMORPGs. Using the world of Second Life, Wells Fargo is attempting to help young people raise their financial awareness. My favorite quote from the BBC article,
A pilot version of Stagecoach Island was launched for young adult Texans in San Diego and Austin over the Labor Day weekend earlier this month.

Um, young Texans in San Diego? Anyway, I suspect some sort of western theme to go along with the Wells Fargo mystique. Makes me wonder if I can rob a stagecoach on horseback. That would be pretty neat.
In other news, emotionless bastards make the best financial traders. It seems that people with psychopathic tendencies score better on financial tests. This reminds me of studies that show clinically depressed individuals have a more realistic self image than "normal" people. So the suicidal are the best students of human nature and psychopaths are rational actors. What a beautiful world. Of course, maybe this explains the Wells Fargo MMORPG fascination. They can mix money with elf slaying and get the ultimate psycho fix. Prepare for turn-based ATMing.


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