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I’m a Writer!

Writing fiction is something that I’ve often dreamed of doing, but rarely have put into practice. Sure, I’ve sat down and pumped out the occasional poem, maybe a story that’s so short it barely qualifies as a paragraph, but that’s all. So recently, I turned my life into an experiment and I have been testing what it takes to get myself to really write. I have been somewhat successful. Here’s how.

1. Allowing myself to suck…badly.

I have to thank Mur Lafferty for this. It’s good to be reminded that you don’t get to be a world class writer on day one...or ever, really. I’ve been writing to enjoy myself and that has done more for my abilities than anything.

2. Sacrificing time.

I took a creative writing class so that I would have to write. Now it’s a habit. I go everywhere with a notebook so I can write when it suits me, or just jot down story ideas. It’s either this, or keep refreshing Yelp. I try to choose writing more often than not.

3. Call myself a writer.

I’m a writer, damn it. Sometimes you need to label yourself. It forces action. I write, therefore I am a writer, it’s that simple. Plus, it says writer on my business card, so there.

Anyway, I’m excited. It’s fun to work hard at your craft. I’m trying. It’s working out.


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