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Some control your mind, others charge for emailing.

I love me the insects. Recently, a wonderful little one has been circulating in the blogosphere. It's the mind control wasp. This baby sedates the desire of a roach to run away and then rides it like a horse back to it's den. Then more fun ensues.

In other news: AOL, Yahoo, and charging for "first-class" email. I'm wary of applying price segregation to something as essential as email. It may be that the lack of market pressures in email have exasterbated the problem of spam. There's no way that a 1/4 cent cast to email will actually fix our inboxes. The U.S. Postal Service charges much more than that and 75% of my snail mail is still junk. True, none of it tells me how to enlarge various parts of my body but I doubt that's due to price (more likely privacy).

Fun and Beauty: Loop is well designed.


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