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A Fair and Balanced Post

Neal Pollack asked me to write this. Well, actually Neal doesn’t know that I exist but he does know that blogging exists. Yes, blogs promote fair and balanced reporting around the globe.
You see, Al Franken is being sued by Fox News because of his use of “fair and balanced” in a book title. It seems that only Fox can use "fair and balanced" in a legal manner. Mr. Pollack has proposed a FAIR AND BALANCED DAY to remind us to guard our freedom of expression. Al Franken might have the money to protect himself but bloggers are a penniless lot (at least, I am). Neal also hopes that Hallmark will support this as an official holiday, or so I hear.

I had never visited Neal’s site before yesterday. It was shear luck that I fell into a blogging event like FAIR AND BALANCED DAY (yes, I am using the phrase as much as is palatable). Suffering from late evening boredom, I choose to look at the resent updates list on Blogger. From there I surfed to Stinging-nettle and finally to Neal Pollack. Shear luck, but not unpredictable.
Blogs are emerging into a powerful medium. The amount of information that is exchanged, reviewed, rehashed, and demonized on an hourly basis is amazing. Whenever information is exchanged in a manner that promotes feedback higher level systems can emerge. Sites like Blogdex and the Tipping Blog discuss and track the patterns that bloggers create. That is a fair and balanced thing to do. Thank you for tolerating this post. It's for the cause, after all.


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