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Adbots in Disguise

There is a live-action Transformers film in the works. I will probably see it. A large chunk of my youth was devoted to the franchise after all. I am especially indebted to the Transformers as an early introduction to child-based marketing. (Kids love robots, kids love dinosaurs…Dinobots, yes, it’s genius!)
It seemed a might bit strange to me that Spielberg and his DreamWorks pals would want to do Transformers. That is, until I thought about the advertising revenue. How much do you think car companies are going to pay to embody Optimus Prime? Hell, Energon cubes will probably get linked to Mountain Dew. I expect end to end product placement, and I expect to love it.

A Note:

I love how the Dinobot guy refers to a character as, "one of the most complex and well written characters to ever come out of a Transformers show". That's great stuff.


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