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Outsourcing My Memory

I misplaced my mobile phone today. Nothing tragic, it was in my wife’s purse. It did throw off my day something awful. For one, I don’t have a home phone, so I had to run around looking for free phones to use to call people. So it ends up I missed a message that would have informed me that my evening plans were cancelled.

Having said this, my evening went well. I washed my car, read some, and returned home to French bread, a glass (or two) of wine, and with a reason to post something. So Pat, my friend, stop worrying.

What I seemed to dwell on most today was the loss of my memory (also known as my phone). I had about three people to call today, which is inconvenient when you don’t have their numbers. I haven’t memorized a phone number in years because I have a phone. I was also fretting about my schedule. Was I forgetting to do something today? My phone knows; it’s logged into the calendar. Even while I was reading I needed my phone. Some ten-cent word came up and I was going to learn the definition through a Google glossary search. What a pathetic creature I am, incapable of anything without a mobile phone. I’m going to name it Munnin.


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