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Westerners Want Cosplay!

Have you ever visited Disney World? Within E.P.C.O.T. Center there is a strange place called the World Showcase. It consists of over the top tributes to various countries. You won’t find anything like the U.S. of A at the World Showcase (except for the workers, their attitudes, and the Almighty Dollar). No, each and every building, costume, and meal are straight out ETHNIC.
One day, while pondering Disney’s view of the world, I had an epiphany. The World Showcase is a model of the occidental unconscious. This is what we expect and strive for. We demand that every people group recognize and embrace the same values as ourselves. Is your country poor? Make T-Shirts for Americans! Prostitute your population to the needs of those who are better off. Sure, we want you to be true to your cultural heritage, but that means eating native foods on the weekend and wearing a sarong, in the name of all that is comforting don’t think differently!
Here we are, drowning in weight of our consumerism and we want to “help” other nations by bringing them into the same cycle.

Less of a rant next time.


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