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Taking a Dump in the Ocean

A young nonprofit group, Oceana, believes that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines pollutes the ocean. Specifically, they don’t treat their sewage properly. As part of a campaign to help Royal Caribbean clean up its act, Oceana started a Google AdWords account.
Soon after the ad went up, Google cancelled that account. The letter Oceana received from Google actually specified that Google does not accept ads that are against Royal Caribbean.
What kind of sucking up is that? I know that R.C. has a large ad account with Google, since I saw a sponsored link with their name on it. Still, they can’t be paying too much since Holland America and Carnival both come up more often on a “cruise” search.
Anyway, censoring is not my cup of tea, which is why I posted the links. You should post them to.

Why? Because the ocean takes a beating. When I was in the Marine Corps, I had trash duty on a Navy ship. Trash duty is when all the accumulated crap from a voyage is dumped into the middle of the ocean. They actually instructed us on which materials to weigh down so it wouldn’t be found floating in the waves. You know, milk jugs and the like. Actually, Oceana should take on the U.S. Navy. But they would probably get thrown into prison by the Bush administration.


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