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The Wheels on the Bus Go...

Transportation is one of the big issues of this century. The constant presence of traffic jams attests to a poorly developed road system. Parking issues often make the headlines in newspapers (at least in the Currents section). Of course, the biggest issue of all is the impact of our transportation decisions on the environment.
Whether it's hybrid cars or Segway scooters, there are plenty of environmentally conscious choices on the new market. Granted, they are all out of the average person's price range, but hey, they exist. Even city buses get in on the action. You've seen those Powered by Natural Gas labeled ones, right?
I'm all for natural gas burning buses. They only release water into our air which is far better than carbon monoxide, oil particulates, and whatever else I see floating over Los Angeles every time I go there. Natural gas isn't perfect though. It still requires off-shore drilling and the potential destruction of Flipper's home. This is why I like the Whisperer.

Thank God for the Dutch. You remember the Dutch don't you? They brought us great artists, philosophers, and those special Amsterdam coffee houses. Not to mention pancakes, Santa Claus, and windmills. Now they bring us the reinvention of the wheel.
A Dutch inventor has turned wheels into generators. Utilizing existing technology, his wheels promise no less than 50% greater efficiency out of the existing engine. Coupled with better engines like the hybrid or natural gas lot, the Whisperer system could bring even greater relief to our lungs.

Then again, you could ditch the car for a bicycle you lazy American.


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