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Ideonodes Revisited

A post or two ago I coined the term ideonode. Unfortunately the idea behind the word was unclear. So now, for the sake of posterity, I will attend to the ideonode concept.
First we begin with memes. Richard Dawkins first conceived of memes as, ”a new replicator… that conveys the idea of a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.” Memes are informational beasts, moving across the landscape of perception from billboards to eyes, from radio to ears, and from mouth to mind.

Ideonodes are breeding grounds for memes. An ideonode is an event that brings individuals together in such as manner as to promote the spread and mutation of memes. I say "event" because place usually implies both the physical and permanent (taken from personal correspondence). The odds of a particular meme’s transmission to an individual are effected by that person’s environmental fitness. Any meme coming out of Dennis Kucinich’s mouth is unlikely to find rest in a Republican’s mind. The Republican is a hostile environment for such a meme. Ideonodes, on the other hand, are choice environments for memes.
But I confuse the issue again. Ideonodes are not individuals. Ideonodes are a convergence of individuals that interrelate in a manner that rapidly spreads memes. Blogs, cultural events, coffee houses, a thousand events could be ideonodes if they meet the criteria.
So there’s the best I can do for now. I’ll read up on memetics and see if I can create a clearer picture in the future.


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