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A friend's a friend forever...

Today I learned about Friendster. Friendster is a new site (still in the beta nursery) that helps people connect with one another. It is similar to the Spoke software I mentioned earlier, except you volunteer to exploit yourself.
I am outright fascinated by social mapping. Partly because it illuminates a previously invisible part of human experience and also because I assume I would map out as a little lonely peninsula, like Florida. It’s similar to genealogy. This American Life did a program in November of 2000 that mentioned that fifty percent of Americans are related to the Bush family, if you just go back far enough (of course, 100% of people are related if you go back really far). Anyway, relational mapping is similar, but more interesting. Which friend of a friend of a friend influenced your circle to go see Masked and Anonymous?
Also, thanks to Clive Thompson, I learned about Introvertster, a parody of Friendster. Check it out if you are horrified that people like myself would sell our info-souls to wanna-be dotcommers.


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