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Walking Billboard

Today I wore my blogging t-shirt. I am usually skeptical of shirts with sayings on them. Everybody thinks they’re so damn witty. Listen up kids, Hot Topic equals Starbucks. Anyway…I have become one with the lameness for the sole reason of promoting blogging. Case in point.
This morning I am ordering a cup o’ joe while wearing the aforementioned shirt. Turning to exit the line and take over the best chair in the joint I am confronted by a confused baby boomer. “What’s a blogging?”, the grammatically challenged woman asks. I tell her. It's like I'm one of the Shirt Tales.
The best thing is, the sort of people who question strangers are the same people who want to pass on the info. They’re socially active folk. Many of these people can actually change the tense of an unfamiliar word to construct a decent sentence (a blogging? Come on…). So link over to Think Geek and support the cause. It’s better than being a patriot.


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