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The Stuff of Inspiration

As you know, I love cafes. So once again I sat alone at a small table in Lestat's drinking a double breve and reading a book on philosophy. An older patron came over to me and asked about the title of my book. I was rereading sections of Freedom Evolves by Dennett. The curious patron had assumed that the book was about the growth of civilization over time. It is not. No, Freedom Evolves covers a Darwinian perspective on human consciousness and neuroscience's application to the "free" will problem.
So we bantered and the man took a seat at a table near me. I watched him lean over a stack of paper, writing intensely. Ten minutes later, smiling, he leaned over to get my attention. It seems that my new acquaintance is a writer. Although his book is essentially finished, the lead paragraph has been bothering him for months. The title of Dennett's book inspired a new approach to the paragraph. The author had completed his book.

So if you ever read The Potbelly Syndrome, know that you are one degree removed from the event that inspired it's opening.

A Note
The spell check believes Lestat's should be replaced with lactates.


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