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My GPA is working at MCDonalds

I don’t have thirty dollars a month to spare. I’m saving my cash for World of Warcraft. But if Visitorville was free, I’d be all over it.

I’m talking about the bastard child of Site Meter and the Sims. Visitorville shows web traffic using visual clues in the form of a city. I like this idea. We should do it with just about everything.
I want to see every dollar in my bank account represented by a little person. I would set a savings goal, which would be represented by the city’s infrastructure. As I fail to meet the goal, and I will fail to meet the goal, the buildings can fall into disrepair. That would give me a lot more incentive to save than seeing a red number.
Or what about my GPA? Let’s represent it with a man whose appearance changes based off of my scholastic success. If he starts looking like someone who would ask me for a dollar, I just might crack out the textbooks.
Let’s look into this people. Any programmers out there?


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