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Who Owns You, who, who, who, who?

Wired Online has published two articles recently that overlap one another in frightening ways. The first is about the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act. This bill would make any technology that allows for the possibility of copyright violations an illegal device. Think IPod, Bit Torrent, and your sperm.
Yes, your sperm, your eggs, your pollen, whatever. I base this claim on the second article which addresses genetic patents. Corporations lay claim to your genes. Supposedly this doesn’t involve “you” in all your pudgy glory, but if Nike owns the particular shade of green in your eyes, well, that may feel a little personal to you. Presently, research scientists are getting nervous about potential lawsuits concerning their work inside the human genome. Look into the wrong enzyme and your ass is in jail, four-eyes!
So let’s Gibson into the future. How different is sperm from an IPod anyway? Sperm is a device that transmits encoded information, as is an IPod. The information in an IPod may be owned by someone other than the user. Sperm may contain genetic information that is owned by a corporate entity. Both sperm and an IPod are off-white and tend to be located near a person’s midsection.
Seriously though, is it such a legal leap to consider human reproduction an unlawful use of patented material? One may hope that corporations would never try to push for such rights, but there is a long history of business encroaching on what the masses would assume were inalienable rights. Wait a decade and we may be paying our corporate pimp for the right to spread our seed


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