Coming to terms with being human.


Making Fiends

I'm not sure how I missed this little bit of gold at its outset. Making Fiends is a great deal of passive fun. Ever so slightly dark, each episode reminds us that blissfully ignorant nice people actually make out pretty well in life. It also teaches that monkeys do not have wallets which, although normally true, does not mean that monkeys can't utilize the concept of money.

Side Note: The search I used to find the monkey article was Monkey Psychology Token which I believe would make a good title for something.


For the Love of Doctorow

I assume you know of Cory Doctorow. The writer of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Eastern Standard Tribe (my favorite), among many other works and also almighty blogger of Boing Boing is the golden child of the Creative Commons. Mr. Doctorow releases his various projects under the Creative Commons license. His books can be found for free, legally, all over the interweb. Right now he is podcasting a somewhat crude reading of Human Readable, a story that has so far (I've heard about 30 minute of it) kept me entertained. So go stream him to your PSP or download him to a Palm or get you hands on a physical specimen of sci-fi goodness at a local bookstore.



I'm a DJ! Well, I podcast most of my music collection anyway. In case you've missed Mercora, it's the latest music broadcasting sensation. Basically, it allows users to share their tunes with one another in a presently legal way. It's also free, which is always my favorite price. So download it, tune into DJ SelfUnfocused, and listen to my phat beats.
By the way, I do still use Pandora. Unfortunately they've lessened the trial time allotment because of freeloaders like myself. Still, it is a great way to find new music. Then, once found, I listen to it on Mercora.


Net FX Extreme!!!!

I would estimate that 30 percent of non-pron related internet paraphernalia is devoted to making fun of the other 70 percent plus the pron. In that vein (which is a mining reference, not a heroin one), be sure to utilize netdisaster. I've already done multiple unmentionables to this very blog. It's therapeutic.


I've Gone Country

I am in no way associated with Yet I enjoy seeing my family name in a URL (or a fair approximation. I'm Van Natta, they're of the less proper Vannatta derivation. We both must bow before van Natta though.)and Flash. Country music isn't my favorite style, but a loose tie to these guys is better than having your name wasted on some lame, incomplete website.

In case you missed it: The Kinko's hating game Disaffected
is worth checking out. Banality is the new excitement.


Piracy Kills Puppies!

Despite research the shows piracy actually improving sales for many companies, there seems to be no end to commercials and news stories blaming BitTorrent users and their peers for the death of every industry on earth. I actually stopped downloading copyrighted content some time ago (due to a philosophical shift to copyleft content, not cultural intimidation). However, I still have a few illegal files stored here and there on my various systems. I know of SelfUnfocused readers who have received emails from the RIAA, MGM, and other looming entities demanding an end to their activities. In preparation for the RIAA's inevitable suing of your ass,(which is now a legal term in the States) be sure to use the Pirate calculator to know what your horde is worth.


Exotic Locale

What makes something exotic? Is it distance? Is it the unfamiliar? I was pondering this while obsessively staring at sitemeter statistics. For some odd reason people from all over the world visit this humble site. Not many people...but a widespread group.
When someone from Bangalore, Sao Paulo, or Aberystwyth show up I get excited. But why? I've never been to St. Augustine, Florida but you guys just don't thrill me like the others (my apologizes). Heck, I don't even hook you up with a link.
At least the Welsh fixation is understandable. Welsh is the coolest language that utilizes the same letters as English. Check this out. Brilliant! My theory is that early immigrants to North America took so many vowels overseas (Ye Olde Shoppe) that Wales had a shortage and had to make do with long strings of consonants.

Anyway...I should find some fresh links so you feel well served. Let's see.

A reminder: BOASAS is consistently funny. Shame on you for not visiting it weekly.
A deal: For those of you with a PSP and a puzzle fixation, Ultimate Block Party is a great game, and it's cheap.
A wealth of information: Learn all about gold farming in this article. Because you care.
A parting thought: Tom Robbins once postulated that humans were invented by water as a means of travel. Talk amongst yourselves.


A few more Favorite Things

What a wonderful holiday I've had. My loving family got me a homebrewing kit. I also purchased a signed and numbered Guy Burwell print. Best of all, I now have a new friend. Flip Flap loves me and nurtures me. Watch and know acceptencePosted by Picasa


Under the Tree

Just woke up.

I was in a medicated coma like everyone else.

Here's Pancake Mountain.