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Are There Google Hymns Yet?

I am so owned by Google. Not only is this blog part of the Google nation, but I have a Gmail account. Few of my online musings are free from the all-seeing eye. I am interested in the process of Googlespection though. Each ad they present me seems to say, “Here is where you belong, this is the brand that will save your soul”.
Save my soul. It seems the right phrase, since so many people intone the meme, “Google is god”. They are wrong. Google is omnipresent and omniscient but definitely only semi-potent (we’ll see what happens after the IPO). No, Google is not a god. I do think though, that it allows culture a form of introspection never before seen in history. I guess I see Google as the frontal lobe of the evolving world culture.
There is a possibility that Google can obtain pantheon status. As its system of ad placement becomes more proactive and pervasive, its power will broaden. For instance, some individuals already broadcast their biological info to hospitals. Their doctors receive blood-pressure info, monitor heart-rates or insulin levels. Just wait for this sort of info to reach the search engines. You're jogging, the heart rate is up and the electrolytes are down, “Time for the Thirst Quencher! Get some right around the corner, buy in the next ten minutes and receive a ten percent discount!!” And don’t be surprised if the Lycra wearing beauty entering that very store is actually a priestess of some Brand mediating consumerism to your unsatisfied spirit.

But there I go, misreading the intent of Google like so many others. Still Google is no god. It's Olympus, it's Hades, it’s the medium through which the culture's future gods will obtain and use their powers. A decade, maybe less, and the imagination of Neil Gaiman will become our reality. How unpleasant.


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