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So I'’ve been learning about how money flows from me to everyone richer than me. This is a natural extension of my past interests. Network theory predicts that the rich get richer in any functioning system. Sharks get the most calories, Yahoo gets more links than SelfUnfocused, and Bill Gates exists. I'’ve been doing some practical application of what I have learned by tracing the structure of corporations, the music industry, fun stuff like that. So I stumbled upon a website that doesn'’t seem to like iTunes.

Now, I use iTunes. My wife has a pod and it's a convenient method of listening to audio books while traveling. Sometimes we download from Apple'’s store. So the musicians get screwed. Heck, they get screwed no matter what I do. The point is, don'’t feel guilty about utilizing the only available system out there. At the same time, don'’t expect that a better one will come along without your own sweat and blood. Here'’s Downhill Battle. They will link you to labels, groups, and the ways and means to bypass the corporate behemoths and live in a new ecosystem, free from their tyranny.


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