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The Lot Falls in the Lap

So I’ll be voting tomorrow. I don’t know what to think about this election. On the one hand, it feels like the decisions made this year will have ramifications throughout my lifetime. If Kerry is elected, for instance, Europe might decide that we aren’t absolute morons, just buffoons. On the other hand, my thoughts on the election may be driven by a deep seated need to complain and be iconoclastic. Frankly, I couldn’t handle agreeing with the majority. Even when I do, I come up with some twisted reasoning as the basis. So, yeah, Greens for Kerry and all that. Prop 71 is good….yipee.

Here’s a little love for you. Enter those polls and cross the streams. I’ll see you on the other side.


  • At 3:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Feel incompetent? Uninformed? Don't Vote!" - poster here at RPI



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