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Dusting Off the Planet Earth

Everyone has an idea for a book, movie, or television show. Only a few of us (and the entire population of Los Angeles) actually write a screenplay, novel, comic, or such. I also have an impulse for fevered procrastination but have decided to not let a good idea go to waste. Here is this week’s thought on a good sci-fi plot. It’s free. The more talented can use it.

Earth is a museum.

That’s it. Earth is a museum. Look around you. Everything is getting older. It’s suddenly a travesty to destroy some old building and replace it with something useful. Look at the pyramids. Nobody is going to pull those down and build condos. Sure, the pyramids are somewhat unique but everything is eventually. First it’s the pyramids. Next it’s the building where the old British archeologists that studied the pyramids wrote their papers. Now it’s the first McDonalds, soon the first Starbucks. How long will it take before everything is of historical significance?
In the future, earth will be a historical preservation site. No one will be allowed to change anything. The whole planet will be the galactic center of nostalgia, every acre consisting of a senseless patchwork of mismatched history. Humanity will make certain these remains stand forever to avoid the realization that someday they too will be forgotten.


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