Coming to terms with being human.



I am turning my life into an experiment. Having immersed myself in anti-corporate, brand hating rhetoric for quite some time, I feel a response of some sort is appropriate. So starting today I am going to examine how many corporations have puppet strings attached to me and then start snipping away.
This is not to say that I plan to fully escape the modern economic system. I would need to become a hermit of some sort and the role of hidden cave inhabiting fundamentalist has already been taken. I am more looking to become Neo-Amish. I want to seek the wild alternative economies that have yet to be engulfed in the, “sea of identical ideas”.
I expect the process to be painful in a heroin junkie in rehab sort of way. As I cut each string that holds me the remaining will pull painfully tight. Hopefully the final one won’t be wrapped around my neck.
Then again, I may be using the wrong analogy. Perhaps I am not Pinocchio. Maybe I don’t need to become a real boy. What if I’m Gulliver; held down by a million pieces of twine? I may contain more strength than all my adversaries, if I were only willing to stand up.


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