Coming to terms with being human.


Tentacles are the new Black

The changing world environment brings surprise after surprise. Sci-Fi has shown us a human damaged planet, barren and dull. However, the Australians paint a more colorful picture, or at least a more tentacled one. It seems giant squid are taking over the world. Squid now represent more biomass than the human race. Now, I believe that plankton also outnumbers our biomass but squid can eat all our sashimi and attack our underwater cities and nuclear powered submarines!

Some humans have embraced the coming rule of cephalopods. However, I will not role over and die. I am firmly against squid rule. That’s right. I’m saying what others won’t. I didn't vote for a human today just so some punk squid can take over by force!
Ok, this is going nowhere. Until next time.


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