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Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks is coming to Adult Swim. There are very few mass media daily comics that deserve even a passing glance nowadays. McGruder's work is both fun and insightful which makes me wonder what it is doing in American papers. I had heard about the plan to animate The Boondocks a year or so ago and was skeptical for two reasons. The first, I doubted that McGruder's political tones would be voiced loudly on any channel. Thankfully, Adult Swim has developed into a safety zone for "unsafe" animation so I am hopeful. The second doubt still lingers. Can McGruder translate his style to animation? It's one thing to write a humorous and intelligent strip in four panels and quite another to sustain a story for 15-30 minutes. Still, I am willing to give the show a shot. The TIVO has been set.

UPDATE: The show is now scheduled to premier on Nov. 6th.


  • At 12:36 PM , Blogger Metro said...

    if you ask me he did a good job, you can learn a lot about his views through the animated version


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