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No, I haven't drunk an entire bottle of wine, just half. What better state to update in? First, allow me to say that I have not played World of Warcraft for over a week. My lack of updates can not be blamed on addiction, just lack of motivation. However, PROTESTant gave me a burst of energy. Well, the energy first came from digging out old game designs and actually creating a working prototype. Yes, I enjoy creating board and card games. Speaking of games, here comes the first link. Pokethulhu blends Pokemon and H. P. Lovecraft into wholesome evil comedy. Oh, the beauty of it all...moving on.

After mentioning my half bottle of happiness I want to bring everyone up to speed on my church based activities. I am going to Africa. Particularly, I am heading to Swaziland. I will be flying over in March to help a group of individuals plant edible gardens in squatter villages. The idea is to give a potentially perpetual food source to people, instead of handing them a bag of milled grain and wishing them good luck. The main obsticle is raising the money to go. I trust it will happen though.
Finally, this Tuesday is my final therapy session. I know that I haven't mentioned my Social Anxiety thing recently. That's because the drugs are working. Seriously, the therapy has been extremely helpful and the therepist thinks I can go it alone. Just me and my Paxil. I feel good about that. So there you go. Selfunfocused has been updated, complete with a pathetic webcomic. Bloggers Unite!


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