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I Gave Up War for Lent

I was listening to elitist radio and was struck by a strange story. The news began as background noise, some talk of India, Pakistan, and their mutual dislike for one another. Normally the story would have made zero impact, but the BBC correspondent decided to mention cricket.

India has invited Pakistan's president to a cricket match. This was unlikely to catch my ear as well. I have no interest in cricket. I do, however, have an interest in nuclear cricket. It seems that while inviting Pres. Musharraf for a sport's weekend, the Prime Minister's office also noted India's disapproval of Pakistan's nuclear program. Now, I find that bizarre. It just seems that an invitation to a sporting event and the mentioning of nuclear weapons should be separated. I don't know why they should. I have never taken a course in international diplomacy. Perhaps I just don't want to envision men standing around a missile in cricket gear. Feel free to explain to me why I am naive. It just makes me uneasy.


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