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Invisible Posts

I hope you all figured out how to access my many hidden posts during the past months. I thought that it would be best to keep the commoners from reading them, seeing as the subject matter was so risque. Some of you obviously took offense. Your comments were absolutely cutting. No matter. I do not apologize. Each word needed to be said.
These recent months have been filled with productivity. I have moved to a larger, more lively apartment. My job has been fulfilling and time consuming. Evenings are spent cooking. By that I mean actually putting raw ingredients together and applying heat. I've missed cooking.
There was a time that I could bake a mean loaf of bread. There is something very satisfying about preparing food. It slows down the mind, allowing for reflection. Baking in particular exposes moderns to textures and smells which remind us of the senses least minded within this new world.
For those few of you that are aware of my tile art project, cooking a nice herbed chicken meal gave me a new idea. So be on the lookout for new urban fauna.

That's all. Future posts will not be obfuscated.


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