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It's Not Easy Loving Green

A few days ago I complained of lack of time. Now I'm posting daily.

Absinthe is hipsterific! Or so I hear. This herbal elixer has developed into a mythic mead of the Gods, lending the drinker creativity, insight, and the ability to feel like Johnny Depp. Enter, Ted Breaux, official chemist of the Green Fairy.
It seems that the much hyped toxin, thujone, played very little of a role in pre-ban absinthe. A recent Wired article on the subject reminds me of Mythbusters. Here science not only debunks the talltales of the coffeehouse crowd, but leaves us with a fine tasting drink from the past.

Speaking of imbibers, H.P. Lovecraft is having a good year (for being dead and all). A new film of The Call of Cthulhu has recently come out. This movie is silent, in black and white, and uses props created only with materials available in the 20s. Also, this week Call of Cthulhu the Xbox game has come out. It's next on my GameFly queue.

And Finally...

Printable Robots of Doom!


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