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Skype Me

Busy day today. This will be short.

I've been using Skype as my telephone service. It's really convenient (and "cheap as free") for someone with broadband access. Click the little flash ad to the right to read all about it. Then call me. Skype Name: randomantics

StumbleUpon is my favorite Firefox browser plugin of the moment. It collects my opinions about websites while connecting me to favorites of similar minded folk whenever I press the Stumble button. It makes late night random surfing sessions more enjoyable.

Lastly, here is Brewster Jennings Protects America. It's Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? for GoogleMaps. Oh, Carmen...why so hard to get? You temptress.


  • At 9:34 AM , Blogger Jonathan said...

    I just checked out their webpage--Skype that is. It looks scary: definitely beyond my technological aptitude. Request further posting and information.


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