Coming to terms with being human.


The British Steven Hawking

Wait...Steven Hawking is British? Damn.

AT&T Labs have a Text to Speech Demo page that can be a lot of fun. I was going to do this entire post as audio using the Charles UK English voice but decided to honor their User Agreement.

Speaking of agreements, the EFF has taken apart Sony's most recent legalese. The direction the music industry has gone with copyright is just over the top. I've been slowly freeing myself from all of it; opting for Copyleft alternatives.

Mad Genius MIDI:
Create music with a program inspired by Steven Wolfram's, A New Kind of Science. I haven't struck gold with any of the tunes yet, but at least Sony can't club me to death for saving them to my harddrive.

Spell Check Error of the Day: suggested replacement for Wolfram... wolverine (That's pretty cool, bub.)


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