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E...Snail Mail

Forbes has set up an email time capsule system. Write a letter, click the number of years you would like it to be stored and hope your gmail account isn't clogged up by then.

I'm not sure what is worth saying to my older self. I suppose it would be interesting to look back at the particulars of my present situation. No news clippings though. I can only assume that everything will be sufficiently archived by our Google overlords. Unless a 1984 type system rises up, in which case sending some present facts would be a great way to stand against the revisionist tyranny of the future. But then I'd get a bullet to the back of the head.

What do you think? Send my some questions I can answer. I promise to send the answers into the future.


  • At 9:33 AM , Blogger Jonathan said...

    Interesting idea.

    I think you should structure it in such a way that you can compare basic assuptions now with what they are then. To me, personal beliefs aren't as significant as predispositions. Try to figure out your predispositons and see if they have shifted. Then, try to understand what brought on those shifts.


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