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The Only Thing I Have to Fear...

Call of Cthulhu is doing a good job of freaking me out. At this point my character is muttering to himself, nearly constantly. My favorite quote is, "What am I doing here?" which is a question more horror genre characters should ask themselves. It's also a question I should ask myself as a player.

As a card carrying member of the Anxiety and Paranoia Society of America, one may think that I wouldn't seek out blatantly stress provoking experiences. Yet, like so many people, I relish a good fright. In fact, that is my problem. My brain is hooked on stress inducing chemicals. Horror games just feed my need in a more interactive manner than a hammerhead. There are stressful games I defiantly would not play though.

If somebody created a Seinfeld RPG I would avoid it like the avian flu. Just the idea of being in a George Costanza situation makes me ill. I still can't watch an entire episode. Instead, I sit with the TiVo controller in my hand, waiting to fast forward past the most awkward situations, all the while laughing (much too loudly) as a coping mechanism. So pathetic...


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