Coming to terms with being human.


I’m Going to War Tomorrow

I’ve been drafted by Blizzard. Tomorrow is the release of World of Warcraft, a game that will either be a light bit of fun for me or will turn me into a pale, emaciated shell of a man. Ah, the allure of persistent virtual worlds. Hell, I practically cry every time I play a Myst game. The bliss is spiritual. What will happen when I can interact with others?
Actually, I expect to be annoyed by thirteen year olds with broadswords. The consistent reminder that people can be really stupid will probably ground me in reality. All this said to let everyone know where I am if I don’t post for awhile. Not that that will really surprise anyone.


Reference This!

Thank God for coffeehouse flyers! Today I was introduced to Radical Reference. RR is a site ran by volunteer librarians who use their know-how and time to research questions for the foot soldiers of social change. I am positive that this resource is going to help me tremendously. Go and check it out. It is worth it.


Why the Bush Victory is good for Liberals

That’s right, this was a good thing. I’m not saying that Bush can’t do terrible damage to our country’s standing in the world. And yes, he very well might destroy any hope the poorer segments of society have for a better life. I’m sure he’s going to taint our Supreme Court with a right leaning judge. Still, all in all, this was a good event for liberals and even radicals like me.
Why? There are at least two reasons: shock value and Hillary ’08.

How many liberals our there are reeling right now? I am convinced that a large portion of progressives were positive that Bush couldn’t really win. “Fifty percent of the voting population can’t be that crazy (read conservative)!” they were thinking. Oh, but they can be and they are. I just saw an add for Channel One that said 55% of 12-13 year olds surveyed wanted Bush to win. These children of the corn are going to just miss the next election. Yes, America could quite possibly tip towards the right for a long time.
Back to the benefits. The shocking realization that our culture isn’t locked up for liberalism can bond liberals in a manner that will give them power. The progressive environment is expanding. Groups like Move On are joining individuals into collectives. Liberal focused media like Air America helps create a common experience and information base. Progressivism has the ability to become a potent force in our culture within the next decade.
Second, the reign of Hillary Clinton. Why vote in the child of a President when you can vote in his spouse? Seriously, Hillary is a strong, intelligent woman and an potent leader. She would make an outstanding President and the fact is, with Kerry in office we would have never had the chance to see what she can do.
Think about it. If Kerry were elected, then he would run again in 2008. Hillary couldn’t run until 2012. And what if Kerry won in ‘08? Chances are Edwards would have gotten the nod to be the next candidate. At this point Hillary is most likely out of the running. That would be a real loss.
In any case, progressives have been given four years of prep time. The only major obstacle is self-pity. Depression will just dampen the flames of indignation. The solution is to nurture annoyance or to cause positive change by applying your energies to fixing our nation. I suggest the annoyance route. It’s easier and more visible. Swing voters like things to be obvious.


Tentacles are the new Black

The changing world environment brings surprise after surprise. Sci-Fi has shown us a human damaged planet, barren and dull. However, the Australians paint a more colorful picture, or at least a more tentacled one. It seems giant squid are taking over the world. Squid now represent more biomass than the human race. Now, I believe that plankton also outnumbers our biomass but squid can eat all our sashimi and attack our underwater cities and nuclear powered submarines!

Some humans have embraced the coming rule of cephalopods. However, I will not role over and die. I am firmly against squid rule. That’s right. I’m saying what others won’t. I didn't vote for a human today just so some punk squid can take over by force!
Ok, this is going nowhere. Until next time.


The Lot Falls in the Lap

So I’ll be voting tomorrow. I don’t know what to think about this election. On the one hand, it feels like the decisions made this year will have ramifications throughout my lifetime. If Kerry is elected, for instance, Europe might decide that we aren’t absolute morons, just buffoons. On the other hand, my thoughts on the election may be driven by a deep seated need to complain and be iconoclastic. Frankly, I couldn’t handle agreeing with the majority. Even when I do, I come up with some twisted reasoning as the basis. So, yeah, Greens for Kerry and all that. Prop 71 is good….yipee.

Here’s a little love for you. Enter those polls and cross the streams. I’ll see you on the other side.